What is Geolib ?

Geolib: Couple seeking coupleTake it with you wherever you go !

Unlike other dating sites for the sexually liberated or other traditional social networks, GEOLIB® is completely mobile. It uses GPS technology to locate users within your geographical area immediately. Are you new in town? Use the power of GEOLIB® to find sexually liberated couples in your area who are connected to the app. Are you travelling? Find hot locations nearby and arrange to meet in a swingers’ club or sex shop. It doesn’t matter where you are, GEOLIB® is there to help you find new swinger friends. GEOLIB® is a new revolution for the sexually liberated.

Easy to use

GEOLIB® is fast, convenient and discreet. The interface uses the GPS technology embedded in your mobile device and takes just a few seconds to display details of sexually liberated couples connected to their iPhone® or other mobile phone equipped with GPS. You’ll be able to chat or arrange to meet, directly and quickly. The main advantage of GEOLIB® is that it very quickly screens details of the raunchy couples you like. Arrange to meet up straight away. GEOLIB® has no complicated functions. That’s what makes it so powerful.


The best application ever designed for sexually liberated couples

Thousands of swingers or sexually liberated couples relax and arrange to meet in their area thanks to GEOLIB®. Looking for a chat? Want to swing? Get some hot fun? Or go for a drink? Connect to GEOLIB® now and find like-minded sexually liberated couples. Thanks to GEOLIB®, chat in the “virtual” world will never have been so real.

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