GEOLIB® : Meetings between couples, individual males and females


GEOLIB®: Meetings between couples, individual males and females.

GEOLIB® is a revolutionary, simple, quick and entertaining app that enables couples or individual males or females to meet up and chat on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The application uses the mobile GPS technology integrated in the iPhone or the triangulation system (the version used before the iPhone 3G). In fact, GEOLIB® uses the 3G mobile networks and the WiFi signal from your iPad to locate your position accurately. This enables you to contact the members of GEOLIB® present in your immediate vicinity directly.

The app is totally free. It’s easy to use and you can remain anonymous if you prefer. You can use GEOLIB® anyMeetings between couples, individual males and femaleswhere. It’s totally discreet and totally safe (there is no map giving your exact location). A “guest” login is included so that you can quickly see GEOLIB®’s menus and options without any obligation to sign up. The application is perfect for groups and sexual preferences such as heterosexual encounters but it is equally worthwhile for homosexuals and the sexually liberated. Search filters are used to allow you to define the profiles you are looking for. For those wanting to sign up, a comprehensive interface allows you to set up your own profile, upload your photo and select the search options.

To install GEOLIB® on a SmartPhone, simply download and install the app, run through the photos of members present on the network and start a chat by instantly sending a message to another member. The order in which members’ photos are displayed corresponds to the distance between you in kilometres or miles (from closest to furthest away).

You can use GEOLIB® at home but you can also use it when travelling anywhere in the world.

Chat, swing, enjoy flash encounters and physically meet the people you find attractive.

GEOLIB® is a free application for flash encounters in real time. Find the couples closest to your location thanks to the GPS technology embedded in your mobile phone.

GEOLIB® is now a global application, filling a niche for couples, men and women who are hungry for physical meetings. Now you can meet in just a few clicks and your contacts stay within easy reach.

GEOLIB® is only accessible to adults aged 18 and over. Photos displaying nudity are strictly prohibited.

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