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Meetings of sexually liberated couples on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and other SmartPhones

GPS technology at the service of the sexually-liberated. You asked for it and now you’ve got it!


With GEOLIB®, getting together with other couples will never have been so quick and easy. In just a few words, you can arrange to meet anywhere, whatever your location...

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Wherever your trips take you, you can use this remarkable iPhone® app to chat with couples nearby, make arrangements and meet up.

Unlike other dating sites or traditional social networks, GEOLIB® is designed with mobility and flash mobs in mind.

The GEOLIB® application uses GPS technology to locate couples in the vicinity instantly, in your home town, county or region. Are you new in town? On holiday? On a business trip? You can still use GEOLIB® to set up a meeting. It doesn’t matter where you are - GEOLIB® is a great app, available whenever you need it, providing a very quick way of arranging to meet people without having to get to grips with complicated technology first.


GEOLIB® is quick, practical and discreet. The software uses the GPS technology embedded in your mobile device to trace the closest couples to you. Just download the application and find out who is around, then start chatting to the couples in your locality. Thanks to GEOLIB+® you can display a photo or send an instant message to the couples you like.

GEOLIB® for iPhone is now available. Users of iPhones and iPads will now be able to take advantage of the full power of the search engine for sexually liberated couples. The interface has been built to make it as intuitive and fast as possible. With GEOLIB+ you can chat with several different contacts at the same time, send each other photos and be pinged if a chat request comes in (even if you’re not connected). And there are no limits.

By clicking on the miniature photos, you can immediately see your contacts’ profiles.

All new subscribers to the iPhone platform will enjoy 7 days’ full access to the GEOLIB+® platform.

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